Wednesday, November 17, 2010

touch my golden banana

konrad von kotze now bigger, better and harder

oh and i've changed my blog.

so to everyone that actually might still read my blog or has any interest in it what so ever please comment its free, it's nice to see people pay me attention, but honestly though i think i'm going to start writing alot more, not just leave shitty little sentences that'll make you think "oh he tried to say something there and then just fucking bored"

here are some more leave behinds from showcase that i have left ah man the irony. fuck.

andy gold

andy gold

andy gold

Sunday, November 14, 2010

fuck this fucking year

and just like that three years of study is over, im done... finished with all the fake stuff, and end it all with portfolios and showcase. which were kind of underwhelming.

and wouldn't you know it i'm already in an office getting into the real stuff man life is just moving too fucking fast sometimes... oh well

atleast i got the screen printing all setup, its been pretty much a year long thing.

even though this has literally been then shittest year of my entire life i can still fuck that i have nothing good to say this has been a really shit year and nothing good has come of it. fuck 2010.

anyways check it out its all here my screened stuff and my leave behind slash fabric business cards




Tuesday, November 2, 2010

yeah i said that.

a couple of photos of whats gonna be in my portfolio, in polaroid form can you believe?

anyways its going good im having fun, isn't that what your parents always told you? even if you suck big balls as long as you're having fun its all good

man i feel kinda cheated now


spit trails



dan the man


tapes n tapes n tapes


spit bubbles






just an after effects video i made for campaigns i know i don't own the rights to the fucking song.