Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ups and downs smiles and frowns



Photo 1

this was a new landscape project that me and adrian did we came up with the idea in my courtyard late at night, it came about through music, we though hey you know those little equalizer bars you see in music visualizations while they're playing, why can't we make them 3D?

so i guess eventually we just got into it and above was the result, more pics on flickr

Monday, April 5, 2010

joachim hernandez garcia

so its been a long time coming and for me but for everyone else he's pretty new on the scene, i had the privliage of stumbling over joachim's music on the internet, so i mailed him and we got talking, then dan and i helped with some of his music and designed the album art for his EP

i've added the art below and switched my playlist to three of the new tracks we collaborated on, this is just a tiny bit of things to come so far as he's really got something fresh and he's keen to just throw stuff down anywhere anyhow as long as it sounds good, so yeah check them out! :)

there a stackload of his tracks but we working to record them better and get his name out there a little more


by marc woods

i'm pretty stoked to be able to post two tracks from a good friend marc, yes the dude that used to squeeze soft chocolate into dean van til's pocket

anyways i could write alot more but i have work to do, and i could post more of his tracks but these are my favourites, anyways here are the tracks, oh and here's a link to his soundcloud account


im awesome

crossing the dubicon

Sunday, April 4, 2010

music week

so this is going to be a week of music uploads and changes, so keep checking back cause some pretty slick music will be posted from real humans that you actually KNOW