Friday, December 24, 2010

yes i know im going to hell in a leather jacket.

alot's changed everything seems pretty different, i think i need to start something again, its that odd time of the year where you consider your life and where you are with it, what you're doing with it and then what to do with it

stop smoking so many cigarettes
start drinking coffee again
stop only eating the bacon and avo special
start writing more
start creating more
be more mature
be less mature

its all a really irrelevant lapse of thought because you know you're just going to keep doing what you're doing and nothings going to change, things might change, but that's a very big might.


  1. This post is exactly what runs through my mind all the time... I mean EXACTLY.

  2. yeah and you always feel like you could write those lists for hours.

    but what whats the point hey, you're going to find yourself at the exact place you started every year which is wanting to do more

    i think eventually you get there